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Blowouts & flats are costly accidents, be ready with regular checkups.

From flats to all four tires Elite Auto in South Daytona has you covered.

Tire Pressure Checks: It is widely accepted by experts that maintaining the correct air pressure in your tires is just as important as an engine tune-up. The correct amount of tire pressure will help you handle your vehicle better, get better gas mileage and help prevent accidents.

New Tires: Are you in need of new tires for your car? Tread looking a little thin? Elite Auto in South Daytona has you covered with a wide selection of new tires to fit most vehicles & budgets.

Rotation: During a tire rotation, all tires and wheels are removed from their current position on the vehicle and switched to a different spot. This process allows all tires to wear evenly over time and allows them to have a longer lifespan. You should usually rotate your tires every six months or 8,000 miles.

Balancing: To ensure your ride is as comfortable as possible with minimal tire wobble, tires and wheels must be balanced. The process ensures all tires and wheels are as close to equal weight as possible, ensuring the life of the tire and your vehicle.

Alignment: Tire alignment is a crucial part of your tire & wheel maintenance. By adjusting the angles of the wheels to the measurements specified by the car manufacturer you can ensure longer life for your tires by reducing the wear & tear a misaligned front end can cause over time.

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Blowouts & flats are costly accidents, be ready with regular checkups.

Changing your oil & filter will help the engine work its best for many years.

Replacement of brake shoes & rotors are essential for your cars health.

A/C checks keep you cool and care free in the hot Florida sun.

Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures you have peace of mind.

Engine & Transmission repairs at affordable prices.