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Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures you have peace of mind.

A/C & Heat: Your A/C Cooling system is incredibly important for your comfort and sanity during our hot Florida summers. Elite Auto Services of South Daytona can help with every aspect of your A/C care and repair, from simple check ups to make sure everything is running smoothly to complete replacements, we have you covered.

Diagnostics: Understanding the errors your vehicle is displaying and dealing with them accordingly can be an enormous time and money saver. Our experienced staff will run through all your diagnostics to identify the issues with your vehicle and help you find an affordable solution.

Inspections: Everyone knows that when it comes to vehicles, small problems can turn into big ones if left unchecked. Elite Auto of South Daytona can perform inspections on your vehicle to help identify these problems before they become too costly.

Trip Prep: Heading out for a long road trip soon? Nothing takes the stress away like knowing your vehicle is in the right condition to be adding all those miles. Before you head out of town, bring your vehicle to Elite Auto Services and have us run a trip prep checklist to ensure it’s ready to go.

Car Maintenance Check List
Road tripping

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Blowouts & flats are costly accidents, be ready with regular checkups.

Changing your oil & filter will help the engine work its best for many years.

Replacement of brake shoes & rotors are essential for your cars health.

A/C checks keep you cool and care free in the hot Florida sun.

Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures you have peace of mind.

Engine & Transmission repairs at affordable prices.