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Changing your oil & filter will help the engine work its best for many years.

Oil Change: Everyone knows oil changes are the most important part of keeping your car going as long as possible. Removing the old engine oil from your car and adding brand new fluid helps the car carry out its basic functions by keeping all the metal parts lubricated. Getting an oil change every 3,000 – 5,000 miles is recommended for most newer cars.

Filter Change: Filter changes go hand in hand with your oil change as the oil filter in your car is tasked with cleaning the motor oil as it passes through your engine. Once the filter can no longer clean the oil and becomes clogged, the oil will cease to function as needed lubricant for your engines moving metal parts. That’s why having this changed regular is just as important as changing your oil and is usually completed at the same time.

Lube Chassis: By lubricating all the moving joints on your chassis and checking for any issues, we can help reduce friction & prevent wear on your vehicle. It is suggested to perform this procedure once a year and can easily be included with your next full oil change.

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Blowouts & flats are costly accidents, be ready with regular checkups.

Changing your oil & filter will help the engine work its best for many years.

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