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Tune-ups: An engine tune-up consists of checking and diagnosing issues with your engine and all its important parts, from spark plugs to air filters. Engine care is an incredibly important part of the health of your car so ask about our Engine Tune Up specials next time you’re in.

Rebuilds: From “Carb to Pan” an engine rebuild is the process of removing the engine from the vehicle, disassembling it completely and then cleaning each piece. When taken apart, we can also inspect each engine piece for damage and then complete necessary repairs.

​Emissions: Preforming an emissions test can be an important part of keeping your vehicle safe and road ready. The test determines the level of pollutants that your vehicle emits into the air. Once tested we can determine if any changes need to be made to the system.

Induction Service: By clearing out the carbon buildups that form inside the engines moving parts Elite Auto of South Daytona can help increase you vehicles fuel efficiency.

Timing Belts & Chains: An important part of your engines day to day function is its Timing Chains and Timing Belts. The chains, located in the engine housing, usually last a long time as they receive lubrication from engine oil. The belts tend to need more maintenance as they are outside of the engine and can dry out and crack. We can help you identify any issue with these systems and find a solution you can depend on.

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Blowouts & flats are costly accidents, be ready with regular checkups.

Changing your oil & filter will help the engine work its best for many years.

Replacement of brake shoes & rotors are essential for your cars health.

A/C checks keep you cool and care free in the hot Florida sun.

Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures you have peace of mind.

Engine & Transmission repairs at affordable prices.