A/C Cooling System Service & Repair in South Daytona

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A/C Checks keep you cool and care free in the hot Florida sun.

Everyone knows in Florida, your A/C either works, or it doesn’t, there is no in-between. If your vehicle just isn’t cooling you down like it should be, we may have a solution that can help.

Flush: Flushing the A/C cooling system is a process where solvent is run through the unit with vacuum pressure to clear foreign debris & contaminants from your system. This process ensures there is no restriction to flow of refrigerant and oil and helps keep your air conditioning running smoothly for longer.

Replacements: Replacing the air conditioning system in your car can be a great way to extend the life of your vehicle and Elite Auto in South Daytona can help with affordable full system replacements. 

Thermostats: As the coolant in your vehicle begins to heat up, the thermostat opens and allows coolant to flow through the radiator. Ensuring this system is working properly is important to maintaining the correct temperature for your engine to function properly.

Hoses: Flexible freon hoses are used to cary coolant around the system, these are constantly under changing pressure and temperature. Ensuring these are working correctly and have not cracked allow your cooling system to run at its highest capacity.

Car air conditioning system panel on console
Mechanic checks air conditioning system in car

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Blowouts & flats are costly accidents, be ready with regular checkups.

Changing your oil & filter will help the engine work its best for many years.

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A/C checks keep you cool and care free in the hot Florida sun.

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