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Back in the days in this part of Florida, you took your car to a local gas station that also offered service, or to one of your friends or neighbors who could tinker a little bit. At Elite Auto Services, we offer the best of all of these worlds along with the innovations of today’s technology. 

Our technicians can help you keep your reliable daily drive vehicle on the road or get your classic race car back to the track.

Here at Elite Auto Services, there are two things that are more important to us than making a dollar: cars, and community. If you agree please stop by and let us handle the servicing of your transportation needs.

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What Makes Us Great

Meet PAM

Pam has been in the auto repair field for over 33 years. She has a degree in Internal Combustion Technology and was an ASE Certified mechanic. 

Additionally she has been employed as a service writer at various dealerships in Ohio and Florida.  

She understands the hardships that vehicle repair can cause and will endeavor to work with the customer to arrive at a fair and affordable solution.
She’s also “Ask Patty” certified.  The Ask Patty program is designed from the ground up to train and certify automotive retail and service centers on how to attract, sell, retain and increase loyalty with woman customers.

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